the List of Most Dangerous Gang of The World

Top 5 World Most Infamous Dangerous Gangs

What comes into a person’s mind when he or she hears the word “gangs?” A group of guys who tend to flaunt their lawlessness? An organization that deals with the illicit and forbidden? Or a pack

or malcontents who destroy, vandalizes and wreck thing just for the fun of it? Actually these three definitions are more or less a correct and accurate descriptions of dangerous gangs.
Gangs especially the dangerous ones are formed by people who intend to commit various criminal acts and/or perpetuate antisocial behaviors. The list of dangerous gangs is numerous, but there are 5 dangerous gangs who deserved mention due to their infamous deeds.

Some have gained enough power and influence that they have become a powerful group in their right and can more or less commit more nefarious deeds with impunity. These guys have no respect for the law and the social ethic of society.

5. Yakuza

list of dangerous gangs Yakuza

It is no mean feat for a gang to have romantic kind of view, well-organized structure, customs, traditions and a deep history that other dangerous gangs can only dream of. This is the Yakuza. The Yakuza have no single origin but they derive from two types of criminals: the tekiya who sells stolen, shoddy or illicit goods and the bakuto who activities involve gambling. The Yakuza in spite of living in modern times still have their various traditions, ceremonies and rituals like yubitsume which involves cutting one’s finger as a form of apology and having a full-body tattoos known as irezumi. One thing that people find romantic about the Yakuza is their refusal to adhere to the Japanese concept of conformity. There is an old Japanese proverb that says “the nail that sticks up must be hammered down” and the Yakuza are definitely the nail that will not be nailed down. The Yakuza is not a group that one must underestimate. They are more influential in Japanese society compared to their US counterparts the Mafia and other organized crime groups and that influence is spread beyond Japan’s borders.

4. Aryan Brotherhood

Aryan Brotherhood list of dangerous gangs

The word “Aryan” brings to mind the Nazis, yes? However this group has no connection to the Nazis in spite of adapting the Nazi iconography like swastikas but they do share one trait common of the Nazis: racial hatred. Unlike most dangerous gangs the Aryan Brotherhood or AB for short was founded in prison namely San Quentin State Prison. Originally the AB was formed to fight against other prison gangs composed of blacks when prisons begin to desegregate. However the “mandate” of the gang which is racial killing could not be maintained indefinitely and because of this they have to crimes like prostitution, drug trafficking and murder. Now the AB is as powerful as the Italian crime families or perhaps even more.

3. Mara Salvatrucha

list of dangerous gangs Mara Salvatrucha

Also known by its other name MS-13 which is an abbreviated version of the gang’s full name. This gang is based in US and has spread to Mexico, Canada, and Central America. Like other dangerous gangs its lifeblood is theft, black market gun sales, contract killings, drug smuggling, human trafficking and assault. The gang is known for its indiscriminate killing of women and children. Members are distinguishable due to their extensive body tattoo. The group also has a connection to the Sinaloa Cartel.

2. Mungiki

dangerous gangs Mungiki

This gang is based exclusively in Kenya only. Unlike other dangerous gangs, the group is both religious and tribal in nature. The group’s characteristics involves revolutionary rhetoric, anti-modernization (in Kenya), and anti-Westernization. At most the group can be considered to a sect and an ethnic organization. The group deals in normal rackets like protection and extortion. It has also committed ethnic violence and murder as well.

1. Los Zetas

dangerous gangs Los Zetas

Many people especially those in law enforcement consider them to be Mexico’s most violent gang. It may be true that Mexico has other dangerous gangs running around, but the Los Zeta’s (in English “The Zs”) have the sophistication, technological edge, weaponry and overall deadliness that sets them apart from other Mexico’s other dangerous gangs. The Los Zetas founders used to be commandos in service of the Mexican Army. Apparently these commandos thought that working with the cartels is more profitable. They became the armed muscle of the drug trafficking Gulf Cartel before they broke away started their group. The Los Zetas believe in the value of using torture, brutality and killings to crush other rival gangs and to protect their criminal activities. However for all their efforts Mexican law enforcement decided strike back at the gang with series of arrest. Coupled with the gang’s infighting this contributed to their decline.

No doubt that these gangs are dangerous, but not confronting them makes even more dangerous. Law enforcement must always strive to erase or contain their activities.

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