What A Depressed Person Really Feels - 5 Facts About Depression

5 Facts You Missed To Know About What Depressed People Really Feel

Nobody’s safe from being affected by depressive illness. The word depression is tragically misunderstood in English

Language and people thought it’s just a normal prevalence in life. However, expert psychologists round the globe regarded depression as a severe dejection and a serious feeling of hopelessness.

Since 2005, depression became the center of international health problem and was considered as the most rigorous challenge of people nowadays which can continue to dumbfound or shatter everyone who cannot cope with it. Intense depression can lead a person to committing suicide.

There is no excuse at all, whether you are rich or poor, male or female, tall or small, thin or fat, educated or uneducated – it doesn’t matter depression strikes in all ages.

Maybe you got it wrong, depressed people are not experiencing easy things as you thought, they’re in situations where they really needed help and support to cope it up.

5 Symptoms of depression and What Depression Really Is

5. Symptoms of depression

Symptoms of depression happens when someone starting to have miserable mind frame over a certain period of time and sometimes weeks, express grief and frequently no satisfaction in all things. Most likely they have difficulties in handling and expressing their feelings, anger is very difficult to control and enraged themselves more. Furthermore, depressed people always think and feel negative with the feeling of desperation and unimportance, there is worst anxiety, phobias and doubts, disrupted sleeping patterns, appetite loss, feeling weary and lethargic and most of all the worst symptom of depression is the thoughts of suicide.

4. Know what type of depression you have

Like illnesses, it also has types depending on the exhibited symptoms of depression a person may show or feel. Psychologists listed few types like the mono-polar depression – where in someone can experience pure depressive symptoms, Manic disorder – this was characterized mainly by abnormal elevation of mood, sleep-deprivation and by unrealistic optimism, Typical depression– this usually happens when depressed people feel pervasive sadness and experience difficulty in sleeping and the Chronic Depression – in this type symptoms of depression felt by a certain person stayed for a long period of time.

3. What causes depression?

Depression is caused by two or more factors. Among in the list is Reactive depression – from psychological stress and physical struggle without resting or sleeping in a certain period of time –  Physical disease depression – some people get depression from physical diseases they have – Postnatal depression – this happens to women after pregnancy when birth is mentally and physically exhausting and the excessive loss of body nutrients can cause various symptoms of depression – Seasonal affective disorder – there are lots of challenges in life and the more someone embraces depression the more it become intense and can occur in any season.

2. What to do when depressed

Depression is no similar to sadness where in you just do shopping to malls, watching movies in the cinema, visit a parlor or eat chocolates and cake and then you feel better. Depression needs anti-depressive medication especially when it seriously prolonged. A depress person needs to have psychologists to help him or her overcome those symptoms. Psychotherapy is one of the most effective and most used treatments for people suffering with extreme depression in life.

1. How to beat depression naturally

Depressed people are said to be mentally unstable. Depression is just on the mind that triggers you to feel the worst feeling ever.  Everyone who never wishes to soak themselves in this illness can beat it naturally. You need to have strong determination and will power and also be treated faster with the help of other people. You need to do things that would make you happy, or if you are writer, you can write it all out in a piece of paper, visiting cool and nice places can also help and most of all praying is the most effective tool.

Depression is not normal and it is something that needs attention. It will be hard to catch yourself already drown to symptoms and realize it is too late to stand up again. There are lots of things that can cause depression as we have struggles to face everyday – it’s inevitable. However if you have God in your life, everything will be alright and no matter hard to overcome your depression – God will always catch you if you surrender all things you have in life to Him.

When symptoms of depression starting to ruin your life, it’s not something that you must take for granted, relying on an expert psychologist makes sense.

Symptoms of depression and Depressed People

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