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5 Most Mysterious Photos that Nobody can Explained

If a picture or a photo is worth a thousand words then that would mean mysterious photos are worth more than just a thousand words. In modern times it is easy to create mysterious photos by editing it with tools like Photoshop and there are means to debunk the “mysterious” aspect of these photos. However there still some photos whose “mysterious” aspect has not been debunked yet.

Normally a mysterious photo taken by someone is edited to make it “mysterious” and it’s quite easy to do this recent years. However some of these photos have been taken before the advent of a good editing tech.

Some unexplained mysterious photos of ghost, UFOs, cryptids and unusual phenomena has been debunked or explained away. But as shown below some mysterious photos have little or no satisfactory explanation. Here are 5 examples of it:

5. The Babushka Lady

mysterious photos The-Babushka-Lady

When President John F. Kennedy was assassinated there is no video or picture record of what happened …expect perhaps for the unknown woman who was caught by a picture camera taking pictures of the events that happened in Dallas Dealey Plaza. The woman in the picture (now called the Babushka Lady) was also seen by eyewitness so it is impossible to say that she is just someone’s figment of their imagination. The Lady was seen taking pictures during and after the shooting. A woman by the name of Beverly Oliver claimed to the Babushka Lady, but there several inconsistencies with her statement especially the age difference of the Lady in the picture and Beverly Oliver. If this picture is true then the pictures of the assignation that the Babushka Lady took can be considered as mysterious photos as well.

4. Hessdalen Lights

mysterious photos Hessdalen Lights Norway UFOs

Norway’s Hessadalen Valley has an unusual light show that everyone can see. This phenomenon is called the Hessdalen Lights.  The light seen by eyewitness is often described as yellow or bright white and it floats or stands above the ground level. There are also several lights of this kind that has been observed in the valley. The Hessadalen lights are seen 15 to 20 times week though this has decreased to 10-20 a year more recently. It cannot be denied that pictures of the Hessdalen Lights can be considered as mysterious photos since even the photos themselves don’t give an idea as to how the phenomenon happens. There are several theories, but no definite answer.

3. The Solway Firth Spaceman

unexplained mysterious photos The Solway Firth Spaceman

At first glance it seems to be your average picture of a smiling girl so it can’t be included in the lists of mysterious photos since it is ordinary. But a closer look reveals something: there seems to be figure in a spacesuit behind the girl. The photo was taken Jim Templeton and the girl in the photo is his daughter. The location of the place is Burgh Marsh and on that day according to Templeton the only other people in the marsh were a couple of elderly women who were at the far end of the place sitting in a car. Templeton maintains that the spaceman in the background was only noticed after the photos came back from Kodak. Even people who analyze the photo found it to be a genuine thing. Still begs the question as to who the spaceman is and why did it appear.

2. Hook Island Sea Monster

Mysterious Photo taken Hook Island Sea Monster

There are many mysterious photos of the famous aquatic monster Nessie so it is no surprise that another aquatic monster “decided” to make its own startling and mysterious appearance in Stonehaven Bay, Hook Island, Queensland. The photo of this aquatic cryptid was taken by Robert Le Serrec in December 12 1964. The aquatic cryptid’s length is estimated to be at 75-80 ft and it seems to resemble a giant tadpole. There are many photoshop reproductions of the photo, but it can’t be argued that the original is something that cannot be explained easily.

1. The Ghostly Airman of Goddard’s Squadron

unexplained mysterious photos The Ghostly Airman of Goddard’s Squadron

All it takes for an ordinary group photo to be become one of the many mysterious photos circulating around is to have a ghost in it and show up as a ghostly face. This is what happened when the airmen of Sir Victor Goddard’s Squadron posed for a group picture. The ghostly face is said to be that of an air mechanic by the name of Freddy Jackson. Jackson was killed by an airplane propeller. Ex-members of the squadron were the ones who identified the ghostly face. The funeral of the air mechanic took place on the day the photo was taken. Could it be that Freddy Jackson was just saying goodbye to his squadron one final time?

The pictures shown above are just a few samples of mysterious and unexplainable photos going around. People can make up any theory they wish to explain the photos, but it can’t be denied that they are mysterious.

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