Weird Facts About Friday the 13th

5 Weird Obscure Facts About Friday the 13th

There’s always that day and date of the year that superstitious people (and some non-superstitious ones as well) that they don’t like or at worst have fear of it. The day: Friday, the date: 13th Friday the 13th. This superstition of the 13th of Friday being unlucky is a Western concept. So ingrained the fear of among superstitious people (and perhaps the non-superstitious for all we know) of Friday the 13th that it had its own phobias like triskadekaphobia (far of the number 13) and paraskevidekatriaphobia (fear of the 13th of Friday itself).

Bad Lucky Day Friday the 13th
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The origins and history of Friday the 13th is uncertain and the scholars themselves are having different theories about how it started. Some maintain that it began in the middle ages, while others contend that it began in the 20th century. Regardless of its origin the 13th of Friday has huge impact on society.

Friday the 13th has some weird obscure facts that give a person an insight on how this date impacts society as well as it origin.

Here are 5 examples of those facts:

5. Saying that its impact and influence on society is major is an understatement at best.

Some people who have fear of this date often need therapy to overcome. Most if not all aspects of business do not escape the unlucky date’s hand. Flying by airplane are skipped or canceled by some, while some superstitious (or even non-superstitious) people tend to put a halt on doing business on this date. As a result millions of dollars are lost. The 1972 Andes flight disaster happened on this date causing the survivors of the crash to eat their dead just to survive. Talk about unlucky

4. The fear of Friday the 13th is related in some way to religion, custom and numerology.

divination that attempts to link a relation between coincidental events and a number. This system of divination is most if not all beliefs and tradition. Here are some examples of its connection to numerology:

Jesus and his disciples (1+12=13) one of his disciples, Judas betrayed him. For added emphasis on the unluckiness of the 13th of Friday Jesus was crucified on Friday.

Jesus Christ Crucified at Friday the 13th

 It is said that it was on Friday that Eve gave Adam a fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Adam and Eve Bad Luck Day Friday the 13th

Norsemen believed that if there are 13 people sitting at a table one of them will die.

The 12 Olympians like Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, etc. Note that Hades is not included among the 12. Hades by the way is the lord of the dead and the Underworld

For some pagans the 13th of Friday is a lucky date due to its relation to the full moon which occurs 13 times a year

3. Some cultures don’t consider Friday the 13th being the unlucky date.

For the Italians the 17th of Friday is unlucky.  This belief has something to do about writing the number 17 in Roman numeral which goes like this: XVII. When the numbers are shuffled it becomes like this: XIVI which means “I have lived” that implies death in the present time.

 Most Spanish speaking countries consider the 13th of Tuesday to be unlucky.

friday the 13th and tuesday the 13th

The ancient Greeks also consider 13th of Tuesday to be unlucky. Tuesday is said to be under the Grecian god of war Ares’ influence. Historical fact: the city of Constantinople fell twice to invading armies on the 13th of Tuesday. The dates are: Tuesday, April 13, 1204 to the armies of the fourth Crusade and Tuesday, 29 May 1453 to the Ottomans though it did not happen on a 13th of a Tuesday, but it happened on a Tuesday.

2. Some famous historical leaders have a very big fear of Friday the 13th and the number 13 that they avoid doing anything in that date or situation

US president Herbert Hoover along with the French Emperor Napoleon has the fear of number 13, triskadekaphobia. Another US president Franklin D. Roosevelt would never host a meal that has 13 guests (just like the Norsemen) and avoided any travel during this date. Even these powerful men are not immune to fearing Friday the 13th or anything related to 13. One historical group the Knights Templar suffered on the 13th of Friday in October 1307 when French King Philip IV arrested them.

friday the 13th Knights of Templar Defeat

1. The fear of number 13th extends to other things

Ireland for one does not put “13” digits on the registration plate of vehicles for the fear that no one would buy a car with those digits. Buildings like hotels and hospitals do not have a 13th floor while those Southeast-Asian countries have t he same policy though in their case it’s the 14th floor. Even racing horse stalls do not have a 13th stall for the fear that it will jinx the racing horse is placed in it.

Pretty weird huh? The belief that Friday the 13th and the number is unlucky is well instilled in the human mind.

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