5 Best Animals of the Amazon Rainforest

5 Animals of the Amazon Rainforest that has beautiful colors

Apart from being the largest, Amazon Rainforest is famously known as the “Lung of the Planet” and it represents half of the remaining rainforests in the world. You will be amazed to find out the diverse number of animals this large environment has in place. These animals of the Amazon rainforest have enthralling unique and colorful features you never have known before.

Truly awesome! Amazon Rainforest has the top 5 animals that expose the one of a kind visible pigment variations and unique features. These are unequivocally the newest eye candy – and their bright colors; you would almost think someone painted these animals


Animals of the Amazon rainforest Makaw

The most “loudest” bird in the Amazon. When I say “loud” I’m not just talking about the volume of their voices that could reach 2 miles (a conservative length in truth), but also the beaming colorful plumage which looks like something out of a painting.  Birds are one of the many animals of the Amazon rainforest which is large in number and because of that the Amazon is considered the bird-continent. The macaws birds took the huge percentage in kind and were regarded as the most favorite of most birdwatchers. Their main diet is leaves, seeds, fruits and grass.

4.Pink River Dolphin

Pink Dolphin of Animals of the Rainforest

If an animal has to choose a color to make itself distinct from others –  pink is right the choice.  Usually, we can only see unusual dolphins on animation movies but in Amazon River – there is such think like “pink” dolphin living underwater. Interesting, isn’t it? The pink dolphin feeds on crabs, shrimp, catfish, crustaceans, small turtles and even the dreaded piranha. The pink dolphin which can only be found in the Amazon rainforest entails epic legends, myths and superstitions attributed to it. One myth says that the dolphin turns into a man (a handsome one at that), seduces and impregnated a woman then reverts to its original form afterward. It is due to these beliefs that the pink river dolphin has been spared from being hunted by the local Indian tribes.


Endangered Animals of the Amazon Rainforest Toucan

Another brightly colored bird. Like its fellow avian the Macaw,  it too has bragging rights to being loud, but unlike the Macaw the Toucan is considered to be the icon of the Amazon Rainforest.  Toucan’s uniqueness among the animals in the Amazon rainforest is that it has brightly colored big beak that does little to dispel the notion that it is not a noisy bird. Its other colors are black, white around the neck and chest area coupled with brilliant blue eyes. Toucans eat fruits, berries, nut, insects and small lizards as its main diet. Flocks of 5-6 Toucans can be found in the rainforest canopies above. Moreover, Indian natives believe that Toucan’s blue eyes have mystical properties.  It also has the longer lifespan (20 years) compared to other bird species.

2.Golden Lion Tamarin

Amazon Animals of the Rainforest Golden Lion of Tamara

No, it is not a species of the lion in spite of it given name. It is a species of tree-dwelling monkeys; one of the many unusual animals of the Amazon rainforest. It got its name due to its extra long hair in its face with bright reddish-orange coloring that gives the impression of a lion’s mane. This animal is a social type and groups consisting of 2-8 members (all family related) roaming at day looking for fruits, bird eggs, small insects and small vertebrates (it’s an omnivore). At night, the group sleeps in dense vines and hollow tree cavities though they tend to use different sleeping dens each day.

1.Poison Dart Frog

Amazing Animals of the Rainforest Poison Blue dart frog

I said we’d be focusing on the brightly colored animals of the Amazon rainforest and not the poisonous ones, but since this frog is colorful, I just had to include it. This frog reminds us the warning “look, but don’t touch”. One can look at it and enjoy the bright colored skin (skin coloring differs from one species to another), but never dare touch the skin because it secrets poison which could lead to killing a person. The poison is commonly used by Indian natives to make a poisonous blowdarts. What’s more amazing is that the bright color of the frog which conveys a warning “do not eat” became the finest defense mechanism against its predator.

The animals which posses beautiful variations of colors and radiance are undoubtedly a sight to see. For me Amazon rainforest is a treasure and the modern Eden of the earth.

If only we care more to preserve these animals for generations, we can always have the chance to gaze and appreciate their features and uniqueness anytime and anywhere.

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