Why is Marijuana is Illegal and Dangerous

5 General Reasons Why Marijuana Is Illegal

Marijuana is one of the most controversial issues we have in this world and many people try to advocate the arguments about “why marijuana is illegal and why not make it legal instead”. For some reliable and fair reasons why it was put as it is now – basically to protect the citizens from the probably dangerous effects of the drug.

People who argued and questioned why marijuana is illegal tend to change the picture rather vote for the legal fate. However what they missed is to provide the credible information of proof and facts to invoke that this is good and will cause no harm to people and to the society. Most probably people who confidently insist its legalization might have got the information unclearly by authors, writers and particular people who just assumed things as it is and or maybe trying to maneuver something with bad motives behind to the public. Below you will know the top 5 reliable reasons why marijuana is illegal.

Why marijuana is illegal has been a historic argument but as for you -Will you dare risk something you knew would cause a lot of trouble to people and the society?

The truth Why Marijuana Is Illegal

5. Marijuana was classified addictive

Many countries have classified marijuana as an addictive drug with high potential of abuse when consumed in maximum. People can possibly become potheads and or will be hooked in its dominating effects throughout their lives. There have been arguments and dispute about this while the legalization of marijuana still seemingly unclear.

4. It has no accepted and consistent medical use

There are lots of reports in America stating that marijuana can improbably yields medical effects for people who are suffering with chronic disease like cancer. However the international level disregarded the reports and the what they called “medical benefits of marijuana” became the world controversy. This need sufficient and credible proof in order to end the arguments why marijuana is illegal and it can only be done if patient who used the drug for medical reasons will testify.

3. Marijuana has been linked with narcotics (like heroin)

Way back long time ago people have already written the fair anti-drugs law to control narcotis –opium along with its derivatives including morphine and heroin.  In the US, people were given awareness about “abnormal recreational drugs” – like cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin – and the “normal recreational drugs” – such as caffeine, alcohol and nicotine. In relation, marijuana was associated with cocaine and has been found out to belong in such category where it convincingly depicted as a “gateway drug”.

2. Marijuana legalization supporters infrequently present appealing and interesting case

To people who are pro for the legalization of marijuana stated that “there is no reasons why marijuana is illegal since it can cure diseases while promotes open-mindedness, moral progression and creativity”. However that sounds thoroughly bizarre to non-users – especially when marijuana user had portrayed a loser image to the public and mindlessly risk imprisonment and some arrest for the sake of invoking artificial endorphin release.

1. The effects of marijuana banning became the prevailing force in international policy.

Decades ago many countries have banned the use of marijuana for quite a long time which affected the international and public policy. This is surely hard to enforce since it had already taken the pages of the book – largely contained of disputes and arguments. It started mainly when people were inclined with status quo – and that status quo – became the de facto or literal ban on marijuana.

After a thorough research from credible sources, my vantage point about the argument why marijuana is illegal is simple

The reason Why Marijuana Is Illegal and the effects on brain
Photos: http://www.drugabuse.gov

it makes people happy, yes! But people might lose the grip on themselves and the effects will drive them to be strayed.  Are the idea is worth fighting for when it’s probably outcome to people could put them in jail and worst destroy their lives?”

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