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Largest Dog Breeds – The Adorable and Gentle Canine For Family

Humans who breed dogs tend to focus on these traits: looks, temperament, and size. The latter character is very evident in some large dog breeds since they are very big dog breeds compared to other big dogs.

Some people like cute and small dogs while other individuals prefer handsome as well as big dogs. If you are one those people who like their pet dogs to be big or tall then below is a list of some of the largest dog breed.

This list of large dog breeds can help decide what big-sized dog you wish to adopt or buy. The list below is the top ten of the largest dog breed that you might find interesting.


Leonberger One of The Largest Dog Breeds

Height: 80 centimeters (31 inches)
Weight: pounds (68 kilograms)

In this list of big dog breeds, this dog is the smallest one in the entry. As one of the big dog breeds, the Leonberger is an unusual dog since when one compares it to other large dog breeds in this list the dog is not that massive. Still, with a height of 80 centimeters (31 inches), this kind of dog is impressive.

The dog got its name from the city of Leonberg in Germany, and it was produced to imitate a lion. While it does not have the traits of a lion, the dog is agile and moves in an elegant way. It has proven its worth as working dog as well as search and rescue canine.

The dog’s most recognizable feature is its “black mask” which covers their face. The breed is dimorphic meaning that its gender is easily discernible due to its strong masculine form or elegant, feminine form which can be very distinctive. This kind of gender discernment is not common in large dog breeds.

Anatolian Shepherd

Varish The Large Dog Breed

Height: 78 centimeters (31 inches)and
Weight: 68 kilograms (150 pounds)

The dog was originally from Anatolia in Central Turkey. It was bred as a working dog by the people living in Anatolia, and its main job was to protect livestock from predators. As one of the big dog breeds, it is sturdy as well as rugged. Along with other traits like agility and speed the dog is capable of taking down predators that would harm it’s master’s livestock. Considering that it can

take down bears, jackals and its cousins the wolves the dog is perfect for its livestock protector role.

The dog’s temperament is both forceful and independent making it suitable for its role as protector of flocks. Be aware that an improperly trained Anatolian Shepherd can be disobedient.
It was in America that the dog was developed further as a pet, but it still possess its guardian instincts in spite of not being a working dog.

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound One of the big dog breeds

Height: 78 centimeters (32 inches)
Weight: 54 kilograms (120 pounds)

In Ireland, one can see a type of large dog breeds that looks like a Greyhound with a rough coat, graceful yet muscular form and tall. This dog is called the Irish Wolfhound. The dog’s ancestors go as far as the 5th century and were respected by the Irish people. At first, the dogs were used as war hounds and later they were bred to be hunt and guard dogs. The dog’s main prey when hunting is wolves hence the name given to them.

The Wolfhound may not be the largest dog breed in the world, but they are tallest. When the dog stands on its hind legs, they can be as tall as 7 feet.

The Wolfhound’s life span is relatively short-lasting 6 to 10 years. Still taking care of the dog’s health can improve its lifespan.

St. Bernard

St Bernard Dog 2nd of the largest dog breed

Height: 90 centimeters (35 inches)
Weight: 120 kilograms (264 pounds)

From Switzerland comes the St Bernard dog which is one of the largest dog breeds in the world. This canine can claim to be the epitome of rescue dogs, and it has the facts to back up. The dog specializes in rescue missions high up in the Swiss Alps and thanks to its dependability and great strength the dog does its job with little difficulty.

Because of its work, the St. Bernard is one of the big dogs that the whole world recognizes and has international respect. Quite an achievement for a canine member of the world’s big dog breeds.

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Like other dogs the St. Bernard needs socialization and training when it is still a puppy to make training easier. Once the training is finished, the dog is now a proper pet and rescue canine.

Great Dane 

The Largest Dog Breed - Great Dane

Height: 100 centimeters (40 inches)
Weight: 54 kilograms (120 pounds)

Also called Deutsche Dogge by the Germans and Dogue Allemand by the French this is one of the tallest and largest dog breeds of dogs in the world. The dog’s ancestry goes as far as the 14th to 13th century BC.
During the 19th century, the Great Dane was called the “German boarhound.” However due to other countries tension with Germany at that time the dog was referred to as a “Great Dane”. It is one of the few circumstances that big dogs got a name change due to politics.

Originally bred for hunting as well as a watchdog for nobles the dog is now a family pet, and it always seeks lots of physical affection from their owners.
Fun trivia: The Great Dane named Zeus is the largest dog breed of its type with a height of 44 inches. The famous animated character “Scooby-Doo” belongs to this kind.

The type of big dog breeds you choose as a pet depends on your personal taste and decision. Just remember that a canine who is a member large dog breeds may look intimidating due to its size, it is often a friendly, loyal and helpful dog. Every dog regardless of how big or small they are deserves our love and care.

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