Goodbye Alcohol Tips

7 Golden Steps to Bid Alcoholism Goodbye

Alcoholic drinks have long been part of social gatherings; parties at work or with the family and a night out with friends. Drinking alcohol occasionally is normal but when you drink alcohol when you have problems, keeping it company when you feel alone and reaching for it on a daily basis for no reason at all, it is possible you have developed alcohol dependence. Alcohol dependence can significantly affect your social relationships and your physical health. How do you save yourself from the harmful effects of alcoholism? Here are seven steps to bid alcoholism goodbye:

Goodbye Alcohol Tips

1. Be Willing

The most important step in getting yourself free from this kind of illness is to commit yourself to the idea that you are indeed saving yourself from alcohol. As always, the first step is the hardest. However, with just a single step towards a goal can already put you on a path where you can eventually create a change. You do not need to be abrupt in saving yourself from alcohol you just have to be willing.

2. Be Objective and Realistic

Quitting from a habit or a thing that you have already associated yourself with is just painful as breaking up with the person you have been with for quite some time. However, if you are going to think about it well, even couples break up what makes you think you cannot break up with a bad habit? People break up because the relationship is no longer serving them well, it becomes unhealthy for both parties involved and it goes the same with alcohol and you. If you really want to start over and move on, you need to be objective and set your own goals. Setting goals have been just as important as achieving them. It becomes crucial for any person who would want to make a difference because it will serve as their guide, challenge or even as a motivation. You should not expect to make a change immediately, instead take it one step at a time. During the first week, you can cut one bottle off from the number of bottles you used to drink. The next two weeks you can cut off two until your body can adjust to being alcohol-free.

3. Motivate Yourself

Most of the time, people who become alcoholic are those who have lost their will and meaning of their lives. They find their lives pointless, and so they drink all day and let time pass them by. The best way to get back on your knees is to motivate yourself and search for a new meaning, and new purpose be it for yourself or your family.

4. Keep Away From Temptations

It is actually the natural reaction of your body to long or craves for the substance that you used to incorporate into your system. Resist temptation by staying away from it. Do not store alcohol at home and inform friends and families you may not be able to join important gatherings which involve alcohol.

5. Establish Your Support System

Sometimes alcoholic individuals lack the support of their family or loved ones all because of their behavior when they get drunk. However, if you are trying to make a difference make sure you have someone whom you can call in times of difficulty with your current situation. Inform them that you need their help to change. They are more that willing to help you out.

6. Drink With Awareness

There is a wide difference between a social drinker and an alcoholic individual. Although you might be considered as a person suffering from alcoholism, there is still a chance for you to change and later on become a social drinker. If you have been alcohol-free for quite a while and you are too afraid to engage with it again because you might end up in the same situation as before. Constantly remind yourself of the consequences.

7. Submit Yourself to Medication

Just like any other diseases or ailments, alcoholism actually requires proper medication. If you think it is impossible for you to stop drinking even if you have tried your best then you need to undergo proper treatment to assure that you can totally bid alcoholism goodbye. If depression has led you to alcohol dependence, you may seek out counseling.

Good Bye Alcohol Guide
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