5 Worst Famous Hollywood Celebrities

5 Famous Hollywood Celebrities Who did Horrible things in Real Life

Surely, you might find it hard accepting the flaws and faults of your favorite famous Hollywood celebrities. Reason is you idolized them too much – would even die for them and sometimes the obsessions you have for these celebrities lead you to jump on the way becoming their loyal and number one fan.

We frequently see the awesome and wholesome side of them but behind that they’re also like us – they make mistakes, they have negative traits and sometimes they do horrible things in real life.  Listed below are the names of famous Hollywood celebrities who would have thought will do horrible things which are hard to imagine.

You Won’t Probably Believe How Famous Hollywood Celebrities Behave


Famous Hollywood Celebrities eric clapton

Who became famous by the song “Wonderful Tonight”, had messed up his dandy image when he supported the British Conservation Party, changed himself into a hardcore racist and went drunk to one of his gigs while saying “Throw the wogs out, Keep Britain White”. Eric provoked the world to question him about it, but in the later part he flagged the media saying he is no racist. It might shock you that uttering those words made him horrible to people who were offended by the message he’s trying to convey.


Famous Hollywood Celebrities elvis costello

The famous musician who made a role in Austin Powers and released the biggest album in the history was known to be a racist. Displaying a racist attitude, he was called Ray Charles as “big, ignorant nigger” and also once called James Brown as a”jive ass digger”.


Famous Hollywood Celebrities sean penn

Penn was known for his unwavering performance being an actor and a leftist to his political views but seemed to be the most unlikeable person in real life. We are bombarded by the news when he tied up and beat his ex-wife singer-actress Madonna for hours on a chair naked after their heated argument. Madonna escaped his cruel hands when she asked Penn to go to the bathroom while she hurriedly ran outside the house asking and shouting for help. Who would think that a famous and handsome actor can do such horrible thing in life?


Famous Hollywood Celebrities vince neil

The lead singer of the famous band Motley Crue responsible for the death of Razzle – the lead singer of Hanoi Rocks band. Vince drove his car drunk along with Razzle and two other member of Hanoi Rocks band and hit head on collision with another car. He was charged with vehicular manslaughter and DUI but giving him only a little sentence in jail and a fine bill of $2.5 million. Indeed being famous creates a megalomanic attitude sometime.


Famous Hollywood Celebrities OJ simpson

The world was shocked when the famous football player, actor and newscaster O.J. Simpson was charged with the death of his wife Nicole Brown and Ronald Godman who were both murdered on June 12, 1994. He was acquitted from the case but later on October 3, 2008 he was charged guilty by the state and currently serving his sentence at the Nevada Correctional Center.  Not only that, he was listed as one of the famous Hollywood celebrities charged with murder, robbery and kidnapping – now he is still in prison.

What these celebrities have been through in real life only show that they’re not perfect and also behave just like ordinary people do. We usually see them so excellent, amazing and shining so bright on stage but behind fame and popularly, they also have dramatic, heart-breaking and surprising stories.

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