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5 Things You Should Know About Ebola Virus

With major concern regarding the worst record of Ebola outbreak which is currently unfolding Sierra Leon, Liberia and Guinea spreading to the U.S. is becoming more reality than hearsay. Been months that the outbreak infected a large number of people and there are no signs of slowing down yet.

It has been confirmed that the outbreak had gotten worst and affected countries were in great panic. Seriously this is something that each one of us must be prepared to whatever possibilities that may happen in time. There 5 things you should know about Ebola virus:

Ebola Virus Poster

The Ebola Virus Poster and Information

5. Ebola virus can Spread through close contact with the infected person

Ebola doesn’t travel through the air like respiratory illnesses and flu. It is enormously unlikely that you would catch the virus from simply staying on the same place with someone who is infected. Ebola virus can only be transmitted through bodily fluids like sweat, diarrhea, vomit, urine, semen and blood of infected patient – either he or she is dead or alive. The interesting fact is that the virus can stay alive in the surface for several days and probably you will be infected by touching contaminated (bodily fluids) inanimate objects and beddings.

4. Generally people with Ebola can only transmit the virus until they’re sick

There are always clues and signs like diarrhea, fever and aches that someone might be contagious. Usually it’s confusing because these signs are similar to like having diarrhea illnesses and common flu. But if someone comes to experience the worst symptoms like bleeding from orifices then that seriously need immediate medication.

3. Ebola virus does not alter fast like other viruses do

The current reports about the Ebola virus outbreak is said to be a known quantity. There is no guarantee that it will change drastically. Since the first time it was discovered way back in 1976 it stayed much the same way from the time being. SARS-related viruses, flu viruses and other microbes can change significantly from year to year from which Doctors can easily watch out every new strain to pop up and able to do something about it. In contrast, this is far different in the case of Ebola virus – it’s acting the same way since it was discovered.

2. Ebola virus could possibly happen in random countries however that doesn’t automatically means a disaster

With the high rate of travel these days there is a big possibility that it could pop up somewhere far-off through a single case of infected person. But this doesn’t mean that suddenly it will become an outbreak in the new location. It depends upon on how quick the virus is detected and on how prepared the health experts to deal with it.

1. Ebola Virus won’t get very far to US

This is because US has the finest infrastructures of Health-care and when the time comes that it would pop up to the State it will never become worse like in West Africa. Modern hospitals in US prefer to use proper procedures to avoid the transmission and right away epidemiologists would track down every infected person and assure that it won’t spread to others.

Generally, it is doubtful that Ebola Virus would get any farther in highly developed countries with strong health care. In every affected country there is nothing more important than establishing a strong health care system to diminish the spreading of the virus and save everybody from the hell out of it.

Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak Cases from July 24, to July 27, 2014


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