Weirdiest Delicious Foods Around the World

5 Extreme Weird Foods that People Loves to Eat

Food can be delicious, healthy, appetizing and sometimes weird. You expect the first three to be an accurate description of food always, but the last one seems out of place. But it is true that food can be weird and around the world these weird foods that people eat are sometimes common to them. In fact some of them are a delicacy.

Weird foods around the world come in different sizes, form and taste. Depending on the culture, race and belief of those eating weird foods it just normal for them (though there can be exceptions) and for them seeing others eat a different kind of these type of food can be strange to them. Here are some 5 weird foods that can be found around the world:

5. Haggis

weird foods around the world Hagiis

Country of origin: Scotland

They say that a true Scotsman is brave and has lots of guts which one can believe to be true especially since Scots like to eat haggis so much. Haggis is a kind of savoury pudding made from heart, lungs, liver of a sheep (also known as sheep’s pluck), minced with salt, onion, spices, suet and oatmeal. All of these ingredients are then encased in sheep stomach thought for some they may use an artificial casing. Like its fellow weird foods the sight of haggis is unappealing to the casual observer, but as anyone who has eaten this food can tell you it has a tasty savoury flavor and good nutty texture which more than makes up for its unappealing appearance. It is unknown how old the haggis is, but recipes of it have been floating around since 1430.

4. Khash

weird foods around the world Khash

Country of origin: Middle East, Turkey and East Europe
It’s a dish made from cow so there is nothing weird about it, right? Wrong. There is a reason why it is considered one of the weird foods, it is made from a cow’s stewed head and feet. Gruesome is another way to describe the dish and for a good reason. Just imagine the cow’s skull looking at with eyes that cold and dead. It’s more than enough to discourage you from eating, yes? For countries where it originated it is a delicacy for them. This dish is best eaten as a festive winter meal especially in early hours of the morning when it is cold. In Armenia there’s a modern-day convention dictating that the dish should be eaten in a month with an “r”.

3. Hakarl

weird foods people eat Hakarl

Country of origin: Iceland

The word “hakarl” is Icelandic for shark. Basically there’s nothing wrong about eating shark meat, however hakarl as a dish can be rightfully considered one of the weird foods. The meat of the Greenland shark has a strange taste due to its preparation method. The rotten shark meat of the Greenland shark is preferable because when it is fresh there are poisons in its meat. The meat is buried underground in a shallow pit with stones placed on it to press out the internal fluids which are poisonous. It is then hung out in order to dry it. The meat has a fishy taste along with a rich smell of ammonia and a person eating hakarl must have an acquired taste to it. If you’re a first timer who has summoned enough courage to eat it you might want to pinch your nose as you take the first bite since it’s the very strong ammonia smell rather the taste of hakarl that you should be worried about

2. Balut

weird foods people eat Balut

Country of origin: Philippines, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam

If you were to ask what a balut is you be given the simple answer that it is a boiled egg of a duck. Nothing weird about a boiled duck egg, right? Why they don’t elaborate in their answer is that the boiled duck egg’s content is a developing duck embryo and that is the reason why balut is considered one of the weird foods. Balut has very unappealing appearance, but for the brave soul who eats it they will discover that it is delicious in spite of its looks. The balut is served as an appetizer. Some prefer to use garlic, vinegar chili or salt along with it. Philippine restaurants serve it in an adobo style, omelet fried and filling for baked pastries.

1. Casu Marzu

weird foods around the world Casu Marzu
Country of origin: Sardinia

The weird foods mentioned above is unappealing at best, the Casu Marzu a traditional sheep milk Sardinian cheese can gross you out. What makes is gross is that it has squirming maggots in it. Yes you read it right maggots and they are from the Piophila casei cheese fly. All kinds of cheese undergo fermentation, but in the Casu Marzu’s case it is taken up to the eleven. The maggots enhanced the cheese’s flavor which is the reason why they let those things get into the cheese. However it is optional for anyone to remove or retain the maggots before eating. The taste of it is very strong and can last for several hours.

If you have the heart and guts of true connoisseur you definitely want to taste one of these.  It is very curios that for their unappealing looks these foods are quite delicious.

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