Most Visited creepy abandoned places on Earth

5 Most Visited Creepy Abandoned Places on Earth that are not Haunted by Ghosts

All creepy abandoned places on Earth have its own background as to why the places were abandoned. People speak of supernatural forces causing the decay, demise and abandonment for the place. After all, if mere humans are up against ghosts, specters, wraiths, etc. all they can do is run the hell out of there.

But there are some creepy abandoned places on Earth that have been abandoned not because of anything supernatural means, but through human fragility. Here are five of those places and they still have visitors dropping in to visit, looking around, but not staying.

 5. Six Flags New Orleans

Six Flags New Orleans USA creepy abandoned places on Earth

This is a theme park in New Orleans, Louisiana that has been closed down for 10 years since 2005. The reason the park closed down was due to Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane caused major damaged to the park when it devastated Louisiana. The assessment of park’s repairs was that it needs lots of money to restore it. Unfortunately, however, the park’s owners thought it was too exorbitant and costly to repair it. Currently, this place that is one of the creepy abandoned places on Earth has used a location for shooting films and site for any urban explorers.

4. Bannerman Castle

Bannerman Castle Amazing creepy abandoned places on Earth

At first glance, you think this castle, which is one of the creepy abandoned places on Earth is found in Europe. However it is not located in the Old World, but in the New World and to precise it’s on an island in the USA.  Originally built by Francis Bannerman, who was a dealer in surplus military equipment used the castle as a storage facility for his military surplus equipment. The castle’s stored powder and shells exploded in August of 1920 destroying parts of the structure. This was coupled with Bannerman’s declining business when Bannerman had little money to restore the place. Today only the exterior walls of the castle are still standing, and it is now a tourist spot

3. Hashima Island

Hashima Island the creepy abandoned places on Earth

If there is one sure way to turn a place into one of the creepy abandoned places on Earth in some distant future is founding a place for a specific purpose, then render said purpose obsolete, and Hashima Island is exactly that. Located 9 miles from the city of Nagasaki, the purpose of the island being a mining facility and it was operational from 1887 to 1974. It would be at the 1960’s the coal mines all over Japan, where to render obsolete due to petroleum replacing coal as an energy source. Today the island totally abandoned, but not forgotten by the Japanese. It is now open to sightseers who want a look around the island.

 2. Shi Cheng

Shi Cheng china creepy abandoned places on Earth

It would be cool if the lost city of Atlantis would be one of the creepy abandoned places on Earth if it is a real place or someone actually discovered it. For now, we’ll have to settle for the sunken city of Shi Cheng also known as Lion City. Located in China’s Qiandoa Lake the city is 1300 years old, but the flooding of it just happened 53 years ago. The valley where the city was built was flooded for the Xin’an River Dam project. The city was first explored in 2001 by underwater divers who remarked that the city was in a time capsule due to its remarkable preservation which I turn makes it creepier. More archeological dives are planned to uncover the other parts of the underwater city.

 1.El Hotel del Salto

El Hotel del Salto Hotel creepy abandoned places on Earth

If you were to look at the Bogota River, you will see the Tequendama Falls, and you will also see what looks like an abandoned house overlooking the Tequendama Falls that is worth the title of being one of the creepy abandoned places on Earth. It is the El Hotel del Salto which has the classical haunted house motif such as being a mansion and situated on a cliff that overlooks the falls. It that does not qualify the place for one of the creepy abandoned places on Earth then I don’t know what is. The building used to be a hotel at the frequented by the rich and elite during the 1920’s. Its demise came when the river beneath was contaminated. Now only visitors to the mansion are the tourist since the place has been designated as a museum.

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