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5 Scariest Places on Earth that are Naturally Made

If you think that Mother Nature is not capable of creating places than can creep you out then you thought wrong. There some places around the world that is made by nature and can be terrifying like it was haunted with ghosts and other scary critters. It seems that each one of places is itself a scary place.

Each of these listed scariest places on Earth that have their own way of scaring anyone who enters them. They are scary not just because they look scary or intimidating, but also each of these places have claimed a life or is very hazardous to humans.

5. Jacob’s Well

Jacob’s Well, Texas, United States -Scariest Places on Earth

Location: Texas, United States

It’s not actually a well in a backyard that pumps up water. The “well” is karstic spring that has a 12-foot (3.7m) width mouth and flows from nearby Cypress Creek. The well has a vertical descent that goes on for about 30 feet (9.1m) down then it continues on at a downward angle that passes through some chambers that are filled with silt and the descent finally reaches the bottom which is at a depth of 120 feet (37m). What is scary about the place is that it has already claimed up the lives of nine open-water divers who have no or little experience exploring the cave. That by itself is enough to make it in to one of the scariest places on Earth.

4. Death Zone

Death Zone, Mt Everest, Nepal - Scariest Places on Earth

Location: Mt Everest, Nepal

With a name like “Death Zone” you know that this place has got to be one of the scariest places on Earth and it does live up to its name as a place of death. The place is at the world’s highest mountain Everest and the place’s zone of death is the high altitudes that are at an 8000m altitude. Anyone climbing at this altitude will face the usual climbing hazards as well as exhaustion, lack of oxygen and extreme cold. The scary part is corpses can be found near the climbing routes.

3. Ijen Volcano Sulfur mines

Ijen Volcano Sulfur mines - Amazing Scariest Places on Earth

Location: East Java, Indonesia

Imagine this: you climb up the crater of an active volcano that is at 8660ft (2600 meters) altitude, then you go down into its caldera, collect the sulfur that is hardened into a cooled material with little or no protective gear, put it in your basket, then go down the volcano with a heavy load. Rinse and repeat. What is scary here is that the workers who collect the sulfur in the volcano’s sulfur mines can either be afflicted with all kinds of respiratory affliction or that the volcano might decide one day to blow its top.

2. The Mariana Trench

The Mariana Trench - Scariest Places and Ocean on Earth

Location: Pacific Ocean

This is the most deepest part of the world’s ocean. The trench is 322 kilometers (200 miles) deep from the surface of the ocean to the deepest part of the place. You can put the world’s tallest mountain Everest in it and its peak would be underwater for about 1.6 kilometers (1mile). So how is it that this deep part of the ocean is scariest places on Earth? Due to the depth of the trench the water pressure can crush anyone going in it and even if you managed to withstand the crushing pressure the whole place is covered in perpetual darkness. Should you managed to light up the place be prepared to see for what you see down there. Aquatic creatures like the scaly dragon fish is something out of a B-horror movie.

1. The Door to Hell

The Door to Hell, Ahal Province, Turkmenistan - Best Scariest Places on Earth

Location: Ahal Province, Turkmenistan

Another place with a scary name that puts it into the scariest places on Earth list. The “door” is a collapsed cavern that is filled with natural gas. The whole collapsed into the hole that we see today and the natural gas which was poisonous started discharging. Soviet geologist has this brilliant idea to burn off the gas to prevent it from spreading and as a result we have the ever-burning hole that we see today.

Some places do not need ghosts or bogeymen to turn them into places that can creep people out. Why need ghosts when Mother Nature can do it in a natural.


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