World Most Active Volcanoes of all-time

5 of the Deadliest Most Active Volcanoes in the World

Volcanoes the mighty force of nature in her destructive aspect. The most active volcanoes in the world are a sight to behold. They don’t just fill people with a sense of doom with their destructive power, but they also inspire a sense of awe.
The Decade Volcano list is a list of 17 volcanoes that are studied by the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior (IAVCEI) group.

Most of the active volcanoes in the world are in the list. The volcanoes are of interest to the IAVCEI because of the history of their eruptions and how close they are to populated areas. They make sure that the public in that area is aware of the dangerous proximity of the volcanoes.

5. Mt. Eyjafjallajökull

Mt. Eyjafjallajökull Most Active Volcanoes in the World

Location: Suðurland, Iceland
Last Eruption: March to June 2010

This volcano whose name when translated to English means “island mountain glacier” has an elevation of 1,666 meters or 5,466 ft and the volcano’s caldera is covered by an ice cap. When the volcano blew its top in 2010 it was so disruptive that Western and Northern Europe’s air travel was all but impossible, causing 20 countries to close their airspace to any commercial air travel.

4. Mt. Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius All time Most active Volcanoes in the world

Location: Province of Naples, Italy
Last Eruption: 1944

The city of Naples has one of the most active volcanoes in the world as a neighbor and very dreadful neighbor at that. The proximity of such a dangerous volcano ensures that if it erupts in its full power the city and its people will suffer its wrath. For a destructive force of nature, it preserved the ancient Roman cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii when it when it erupted in 79 AD.

3. Mt. Sakurajima

Most active volcanoes in world Mt.Sakurajima

Location: Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
Last Eruption: 1955 to present

Japan is an island that has a lot of volcanic activity and volcano named Sakurajima or “Cherry Island” is one of those volcanoes whose activity presents a great hazard. The volcano is very active as evidenced by the volcanic ash it constantly spews which in turn created the white sands highlands around it. The active volcano is designated under a Level 3 orange alert status by the Japan Meteorological Agency. Sakurajima’s status makes it the only one of its kinds to have it.

2. Mt. Merapi

Mount Merapi World Most Active Volcanoes

Location: Border of Central Java / Yogyakarta (Indonesia)
Last Eruption: March to April 2014

The “mountain of fire” as it is called in English has a regular eruption since 1958. Villages are situated around the volcano’s flanks and the villagers who are numbered in the thousands can say that the smoke issues form I summit at least 300 times in a year. People still live near the volcano in spite of the fact that its eruptions have claimed a lot of lives.

1. Mt. Nyiragongo

Mount Nyiragongo Most Active Volcanoes in the world

Location: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Last Eruption: 2002 to present day

You normally don’t expect active volcanoes inside a national park, but when visiting Virunga National Park one can see that there is an active volcano within it. Mount Nyiragongo’s 2 km wide crater contains a lava lake whose depth has been measured at 2,975 meters or 9,760 feet. Nyiragongo is not the only volcano in Virunga National Park. Just beside it is Nyamuragira and the two volcanoes have been responsible for most of Africa’s historical Eruptions.

There you have it, the most active volcanoes in the world in all their majestic, but deadly power.

The activities of these volcanoes mean that everyone must keep a wary eye on each of for the first sign of an eruption to ensure that the fatalities that would happen are lessened.

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