Worst Cruise Ship Disaster

Top 5 Worst Cruise Ship Disasters in 21th Century

Speaking of a cruise, surely you will be excited and be enticed to travel with your loved ones to famous Caribbean islands and wonderful places round the globe.

Life is indeed amazing if you have nothing more to worry but travelling alone. However, there are unexpected incidents that happen in a certain period which beyond our control and one of those are cruise ship disasters.

The world was stunned by the famous cruise ship sinking of “Titanic” way back decades ago and have taken a thousand lives of passengers. Even until now there are few cruise ships that ended in the same fate. Below are the top 5 list of famous cruise ships disasters in the 21st century.

You will never know what will happen in the next few hours or the next day of your life, either nobody had ever thought of cruise ship disasters while enjoying luxuries on board

5. Costa Concordia

Costa Concordia Famous Cruise Ship Disasters

Who would have thought that the famous Italian Luxury liner will sink in certain such period? Six passengers were confirmed dead while the captain of the cruise ship and his first mate has abandoned the vessel way too soon the accident happen.  Isn’t tragic it? But this only proves that no matter how we thought everything is safe – cruise ship disasters can still occur on the less we expect it.

 4. Carnival Splendor

Carnival Splendor famous worst Cruise ship disasters

On November 20120, the engine room of Carnival Splendor was caught on fire causing passengers to survive the worst situations on board. The said ship sailed to Mexico for a seven-day cruise, but when the fire caught the engine room, 3299 passengers were stranded in the Pacific Ocean having only ration food to eat, suffering from unflushed toilets and bags of vomits. After 3 days of calling for help the Carnival Splendor and its 4,500 passengers were rescued back to San Diego Bay.

 3. Seabourn Spirits

Seabourn Spirits cruise ship tragedy

Not all cruise ships disasters are caused by ice bergs and coral reefs but also, the attacked of Somali pirates have ruined the “supposed to be perfect” vacation of passengers. In 2005, Seabourn Spirits was hijacked by pirates in speedboats while it floats 100 miles off the coast of Somalia. There were rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns fired on the small ship before the captain tries to alter its course and go away. Fortunately, none of the 302 passengers were reported hurt or dead. Since March to November of the same year, reports stated that there were already more than 23 pirates hijacking in that area.

2. Celebrity Mercury

Celebrity Mercury Very Worst cruise ship disasters

On the case of celebrity mercury, you wouldn’t expect that the norovirus outbreak would give incapacitated illness to more than 400 passengers and crew onboard. The widespread virus has marred the voyage with gastrointestinal illness and vomiting to all infected crews and passengers.

1. Norwegian Dawn

Cruise ship disasters Norweigan dawn

In 2005, a 70-foot wave had smashed down the Norwegian Dawn living 2 injured passengers and 62 of its cabins were flooded.  The cruise ship was sailing between the Bahamas and New York when the 70-foot wave reached up to deck. After the storm had gone away, 300 passengers were advised to disembark early in Charleston.

With the cruise ship disasters listed above there is one lesson to learn from it and that is:

“Life is unpredictable, and there is the guarantee of safety to everything”. Right, this time, you are fine but on the next few hours, who know, it must be the end of things. Which is why, n life it is important to have preparedness in our minds to whatever that will come along the way.

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