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5 Most Visited Cities for Beer Lovers In the World

Get Yourself Drown to Beers When Visiting the Top five most visited cities for beer lovers in the world

To beer lovers – nothing could be more enticing in life than beers and parties. Sure, there are five most visited cities in the world that can throw down parties till dawn. You might lose yourself from drinking but beers will always remain unlimited to beer drinkers or beer lovers from different parts. These top five most visited cities for beer lovers don’t necessarily mean party cities of night clubs, ladies in boots and beers showers in a certain room but ideal cities for beer lovers that would make them feel – the reality of their dreams.

Have you ever been to top five most visited cities for beer lovers around the world? You might find hard coming back home when you were there.

5. Prague, Czech Republic

City of beer in Prague, Czech Republic

What makes Prague topped the top five most visited cities for beer lovers are its great beer, killer pubs and it’s the place where people drink more than anywhere else on Earth and also dirt cheap. As a whole, Prague has their finest brew and the city’s beer culture is incomparable to all those in the world.

4. Moscow, Russia

Cities of Beer Lovers Moscow, Russia

Moscow is popularly known as the land of Vodka but what’s shocking? Beer becomes king. The city was listed to top five most visited cities for beer lovers because the best stuff tucked in the ground. It’s home to more than two dozens of beer breweries and celebrates beer festival yearly hosting all over Europe. Moscow can surely let you drink beers to madness.

3. Portland, Oregon, USA

City of Beer Lovers Portland, Oregon, USA

For beer lovers type who seek for American hipster beer with a little blend of killer European beer brew, then Portland is the most ideal city to visit. You will be welcomed by their craft brews inspired by BrewCycle – the beer bike version that combines the favorite activities in Portland “Drinking beer and biking”. The delicate beer taste can surely give you the great impressions you won’t ever forget for the rest of your life.

2. Mexico City, Mexico

City Lovers Of Mexico City, Mexico

Sure, you will love to try those beer brands that never cross the borders yet. Beer is said to be Corona in Mexico City and they also have local beer taste that would entice your taste bud perfectly. For beer lovers who have been to Mexico City – “beer is healthier than water!”

1. Brussels, Belgium

City Of Beer Lovers Brussels, Belgium

There is no doubt why Brussels had made it to the top five most visited cities for beer lovers in the world. The city has been brewing beer for centuries and beer culture became the hub of most beer-mud – no wonder the city was regarded as beer garden of Eden. Brussels has the entire beer fetish from local populace to branded ones that would satisfy your thirst second to none.

With these top five most visited cities for beer lovers, You can pick one and try how tough beer drinker are you. Knowing these top five most visited cities for beer lovers in the world, surely lots of you now are planning out for the perfect date to visit. It’s not about the title these places boast but the one of kind experiences waiting in place for every visitor that they might have.

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