Facts About Vitamin D and Foods Rich n Vitamind D

5 Facts To Know About Vitamin D

You will never know how important health is when you’re not sick. Some people are stubborn when it comes to taking good care of their health and not that conscious. Doing things that might cause high risk on health is not good and usually the side effects are not felt right away but eventually on the later part. That is why living a healthy lifestyle makes sense.

Vitamins are chemicals needed by our body for good health and one of the most important vitamins that people must have sufficiently is Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is good for our body
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Below are the 5 facts about Vitamin D that you must know:

5. Vitamin D is good for

Vitamin D is imperative especially if you want to maintain strong bones and overall health whilst maintaining your lungs, brain, heart and muscles to work well and also give you the resistance to fight various infections. If you get up early in the morning and do some exercise under the sun, probably your body can produce its own Vitamin D from morning sunlight. Vitamin D can also be availed from several supplements these days and from the food you eat.  Vitamin D is responsible in managing the amount of calcium in your bones and blood. Furthermore, Vitamin D is good for helping cells to communicate properly to do certain functions all over your body.

4. Foods with Vitamin D

Vitamin D can naturally be found in fatty fish – like salmon, tuna and mackerel – fortified with Vitamin D dairy products, beef liver, cheese, egg yolks, soy milk, cereals, orange juice and certain mushrooms. Nowadays with the application of finest technologies in medicine foods with vitamin D are used as primary ingredients to make supplements.

3. Vitamin D deficiency: Symptoms

The most common Vitamin D deficiency is rickets – a disease causing the improper development of bones. Insufficient amount of Vitamin D can also weakened the immune system thus increasing the risk of cancer, osteomalacia – weakened muscles and bones – and poor hair growth. In contrast excess vitamin D in the body can cause too much absorption of calcium and increase risk of kidney stones and heart attack.  To determine a person with vitamin D deficiency, it starts from muscle weakness and bone thought others got the subtle symptoms.  It is important to have enough vitamin D in our body to keep you going every day.

2. What Vitamin D can do

Today Vitamin D has been considered as vital part in ensuring good health.  Apart from the fact that is important for the health of bones recent study shows that it also played a major part in treating and preventing serious health problems. What makes vitamin D special is that, it turns into a hormone known as “calcitriol” or “activated vitamin D” after your body gets it from the sunlight, food and supplements. Vitamin D can do great purpose in helping your respiratory system, brain development and immune system.

1. Causes of Vitamin D deficiency

Causes of Vitamin D deficiency starts when you don’t consume the sufficient amount of vitamin recommended over time. Also when you are afraid to expose yourself in the sun and you prefer to live in the basement, then probably your body cannot produce its own vitamin D. Lastly research shows that you are prone to vitamin D deficiency if you are obese since the vitamin is extracted by fat cells from the blood changing its release into the circulation.

With the facts stated above regarding vitamin D, it only shows how important it is to have the recommended levels. Health is wealth and seeking doctor’s advice to assess the right amount of supplements that your body needs is high advisable. Deficiency is not good and it is better to ensure prevention rather than cure.

Infographics About Vitamin D Deficieny

Infographics About Vitamin D Deficieny

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